Are your groomers certified or professionally trained?

Both.  All of our pet groomers are professionally trained AND certified at the state level, or above.  These certifications include extensive testing in order to become certified.  Our groomers regularly attend grooming shows and seminars to upgrade their expertise, handling  and knowledge of pets.

Do you require pets to be fully vaccinated before getting groomed or attending doggie day-care?

 We do require written proof of vaccinations for your pet.  We require that all dogs have Dhpp, Bordatella and Rabies.  Cats must have FVRCP and Rabies .  If your pet is not currently up to date on shots, they can be given next-door at the Rathdrum Animal Clinic on the day of your appointment.



Do you groom large dogs?


We are equiped to groom any size dog. Both our tubs and tables are electric and drop all the way down to the floor.  

Do you groom cats?

We love grooming cats.  If a cat has full-body matting, the cat must be shaved down. 
Cats are much harder to groom than dogs and the risk to the groomer is much higher. Please note that we may not be able to groom all cats.  Some cats cannot tolerate the grooming process and may need to be anesthetized prior to grooming.  If this is needed, this can be schedueled next door at the Rathdrum Animal Clinic, where, while being groomed, they will be supervised by a veterinarian.  If we are unable to groom a cat for any reason, we will call you right away. 

Do you use heated dryers?

After a dog is bathed, they are dried by hand using either towels, or a force dryer (this blows water from the coat).  Your pets health and safety is our main priority, if they cannot tolerate the force dryer for any reason, they are put immediately into our drying room where they are dried by a no-heat air dryer.  We never use heat to dry unattended dogs.

Will my dog be kept in a kennel?

We do offer kennel-free grooming for an additional price.  Kennels allow us to keep your dog in a safe place where we can keep an eye on them. Most dogs see a kennle as a "den" and are more than happy to relax in one while observing the activity in the shop.  We also offer individual holding areas for large dogs, or for dogs that can nor be put in a traditional kennel.  If necessary, your dog may be placed in an open-air kennel to dry after a bath. This is the safest way to dry a dog who cannot tolerate being hand-dried.  

Does my dog have to be cut short if he has matts in his coat?

If the hair is allowed to knot or develop "matts", this is unhealthy for the dog's skin.  Matts gets worse if the coat gets wet.  Before washing the dog, it is necessary to brush or shave out all the knots. If the hair is matted, it may be possible to "dematt" the coat.  If your dog is matted, we will advise you what can be done.  If the hair can be dematted without causing pain to the dog, it may be possible to save the coat.  If the
hair can be dematted, there will be an additional charge of $15 per half hour.  Otherwise, we may recommend cutting the hair short, which means applying the clipper behind the matts. We can also “spot shave” only the matted area.  If the hair is matted, we recommend talking with one of our groomers beforehand so we can discuss your options. Any cat with all-over matting will be shaved down, we do not de-tangle cats.  Please note that we will not dematt your dog if they cannot tolerate it.

Can I stay with my dog and watch? 

Our grooming areas are visible from the waiting area.  However, if your dog can see you, this usually leads to the dog trying to be with you, and can result in a dangerous situation. The groomer is working with very sharp tools and looks to avoid additional stress and excitement. If you want to watch, take a peek from a distance, but if you need to be present for the whole groom, we recommend scheduling an "owner stay" appointment.

Do you cut the nails? 

Yes, We are able to cut the nails on most dogs. If a dog becomes too stressed out or agitated during the nail-trimming process, we will not continue.  If we are unable to cut your dogs nails, this can be done next door at the Rathdrum Animal Clinic.   With nail cutting, there is always some risk of bleeding. Inside the nail is a blood vessel (the "quick")  which grows with the nail. If the nail is allowed to grow long, then cutting the nail even slightly may result in bleeding.  If the nail bleeds, we apply styptic powder to the nail. Regular nail trimming can minimize the chance of bleeding, but not eliminate the risk completely.  It is also helpful to avoid walking on the sidewalk immediately after the nail trim. We also offer nail dremmeling, (sanding down the nail).  This can be beneficial to pets that have high anxiety about nail trims.


What are anal glands? 
Anal glands are the scent sacs right under a dog’s tail. Some dogs empty them naturally, some do not. Your groomer can check if they need to be emptied (expressed). Please let us know if your veterinarian does this, or if you do not want us to express the glands. 

Do you treat fleas & ticks?

Our policy is to give a flea & tick bath to all pets that have fleas and/or ticks, to avoid spreading them to other pets in the shop.  If you know your pet has fleas and/or ticks, please tell us as soon as you come into the shop. If we discover the fleas and/or ticks after you leave, we will attempt to contact you, but will proceed with the flea & tick bath even if we can't reach you. The additional charge for a flea & tick bath is $10.

What if I don‘t like the groom when its finished?

Please tell us. We want you to be happy with your groom.  We strive to find the perfect clip for your dog, sometimes this takes a few grooms to perfect.   On the occasion where a haircut is not to your liking, and it is a matter of a little more trimming here or there, the groomer can usually do it right away.  In some instances, we may ask you to come again on another day in which case we can start again. If there are two or more people responsible for the dog, it is important that they first agree on a style before giving the groomer instructions. Some dogs are naturally jumpy and just cant stand still.  Some older dogs will tenaciously resist any attempt to trim their facial hair, trim their paws, or cut their nails.  Under these circumstances, we will do the best we can, and when you pick up your dog, we will explain how he/ she behaved and what we were or were not able to complete.